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Your Diploma: What Can You Do With It?

a year ago
Your Diploma: What Can You Do With It?

What is a Diploma?

When people talk about a 'diploma' they usually mean an Undergraduate level 5 diploma, not to be confused with the more advanced Postgraduate Level 7 diploma (for more information about what educational levels mean - and where you stand, see this post).

An undergraduate diploma gives graduates the tools they need to understand their subject, progress in their careers and prepare for management-level positions within their organisations.

Advance in Your Career

In the EU, individuals with a level 5 qualification or greater made 70% more on average than individuals with a level 1 or 2 qualification! (EU Income Survey, 2020*)

In fact, many of our Diploma students start studying because they seek more professional responsibility, a leadership position or to start a new journey in their preferred industry.

Furthering your education does not only give you the technical skills required for progression to higher professional levels, it is also a great way to show your organisation that you are a committed team member.

Find out more about how education can change your career here.

Advance Your Education

With the Diplomas offered by Elephant & Cross partners, students have the credits to enter final year of a University Bachelor's degree.

That means a Diploma graduate can top up their qualification into a full Degree (level 6) at a University with just one additional year. The top-up year can either be done online or on campus.

Examples of progression/pathway Universities with top-up programmes include: University of Derby (UoD), University of Lincoln (UoL), University of Portsmouth (UoP) and the University of Sunderland.

Entry Requirements

A Diploma usually requires a level 3 qualification for entry, however this is sometimes waived as entry decisions are taken on a student-by-student basis.

Both life and work experience are taken into account when deciding whether a student is a good fit for a Diploma programme.

An Elephant & Cross course advisor will personally advise you on next steps, help you find a course that fits your needs and process your application from start to finish.

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*Source: EU-SILC, Mean and median income by educational attainment level, EUROSTAT (2020).