Frequently Asked Questions

Because the course is online and has no fixed ‘lecture’ hours, you can learn whenever you want! We give you all the notes and recorded video lectures you’ll need to succeed. You can submit and work on your assignments on your own schedule, without deadlines. There are also no exams, with 100% of your grades coming from your assignments. Once you finish all your assignments, you graduate. Plus, you can talk to a tutor one-on-one anytime you need extra help. Our courses are really flexible, perfect if you’re busy or working full-time.

You can set up a meeting with your tutor anytime. Monday to Sunday, morning until late at night (up to 11pm Malta time).

Your tutor is a course expert and is here to answer any questions about the course, support your learning and help you succeed. 

Absolutely! In fact, this online course was designed for professionals working full-time. Over 90% of our students work full-time and have busy schedules.

Yes. You will get all the notes and recorded lectures for your course. You can see them all on the student portal whenever you like. This helps you learn at your own pace.

It’s simple, cancel anytime! Each payment secures your place on the course for the next 30 days, cancelling will end your access and no further payments will be requested. 

No, there are no in-person requirments for our online courses. Everything is fully online, so you can complete your studies without the need to attend physical classes or meetings. This setup is perfect for those who prefer the convenience and flexibility of learning from home or any other location with internet access. 

Yes! You can view the courses already listed by Get Qualified here. To find our diplomas, visit the page and under institute select “N/A”. Next under Course search “Qualifi Level” or “OTHM Level” followed by the level number, and title depending on your course. If you cannot find your course, you must apply to get the course onto the Get Qualified list.

Click the link here to get your course added to the list. In order to complete the form, you also have to present an MQRIC statement which you can get here against a small fee (between €10 – €50). You can also check out our post specifically about how to get your MQRIC statement here. Once you get it, go back to the previous step and get your refund!

No. Our courses are fully online, meaning they are not eligable for student visa programme. In order to meet the requirments of the student visa scheme you will need to find a locally operated course in Malta.

Absouletly! Our diplomas are designed to help students transition into new fields of work, or step up in their current position. To learn more about career opportunities read our blog here

After completing a Level 5 or Level 7 Diploma students can transition to the final year of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at selected universities. Students will be pre-approved to start the top-up with a pathway university whom partner with your course provider.