How the Evening will Change your Life

2 years ago
Career Advice how the evening changes lives


There’s this famous illustration of Abraham Lincoln as a young man poring over a borrowed schoolbook by the light of his log fire. Lincoln was almost entirely self-educated, and it was evenings like this, alone and with his books, that made him the legendary US president we remember. He sees in those books the transforming light of knowledge. He’s eager to grow, eager to do, and eager to learn.

His example has inspired so many of us, those who strike against our circumstances to make our place in the world. In fact, this evening, in cities, towns, and villages, thousands of people will drop their daily chores to fight the battle that Lincoln fought—to wake up from the hours of the evening with education and the goals they know they can achieve.

From offices and shop floors, from all the places where people work, they will go back to the comfort of their homes and take a decision that is only theirs to take: to study their course. They do this because they want to grow, because they love the subject, and because they seek higher training, greater skill, more responsibility, and work that is more satisfying.

Some of our students currently work in one field, but their talents and desires are in another. Some are happy but cannot progress because they don’t yet have the skills they need. Others left school at sixteen because they had to. And some left because they did not realise then, as they do now, the value of an education. 

We founded Elephant & Cross to help—a service created for the needs and circumstances of real people. We know not everyone has the time or wants to sit in traffic to drive to a lecture hall on a Wednesday night. We wanted a service that brings education to you, wherever you are or whatever time you have available to study.

Believe me, furthering your education doesn’t require “youth.”. One student we worked with is over 70 years old, and her lecturers love her.

It doesn’t require “talent” either. Just enough to be willing to learn and work towards your goals—and there’s your tutor to help you.

What does it require? Belief. Enough to make a choice. Enough to absorb what you learn and put the principles into action. If you do that—nothing more, nothing less—the results for your personal development will be hard to believe. 

We’ve helped hundreds of students find their perfect course. Many of them now occupy positions of leadership in their fields. We’re proud of what they’ve achieved, from the young mother who went on to get her diploma in human resources to the student who went back into education after 20 years to finally get their master’s degree.

I hope you too will make this powerful choice to further your education and discover what potential lies untapped.

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