MQF Levels: What Are They and What do They Mean?

2 years ago
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What are MQF Levels?

The Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) categorises qualifications in Malta based on their level of difficulty, hours required and content.

The Framework provides you with a snapshot view of qualifications, makes it easy for students to set goals for the futuresee where they currently stand and provides a way for employers to gauge an employee’s level of educational attainment.

The framework starts at Level 1 (school leaving certificate) all the way to Level 8 (doctorate).

Qualifications That Cross Borders

The qualification framework also provides a convenient way to convert qualifications from different countries/ awarding bodies and for individuals to make sense of their own qualifications overseas.

The MQF framework maps directly onto the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and closely onto RQF (English Regulated Qualifications Framework).

How Does it Convert?



In many cases, mature students with work experience can go straight onto an MQF level 5 Diploma (subject to approval from the academic board). Furthermore, Elephant & Cross partners with institutes that allow students to top up their Level 5 Diploma into a Level 6 Bachelor’s degree with just one additional year.

What does Elephant & Cross offer?

We partner with institutes and Universities offering pathways (MQF Level 4), full Diploma programmes (MQF Level 5), Bachelor’s Degrees, and Masters Post-Graduate Diplomas (level 7).

Get in touch with us now to find out how you too can progress, online and part-time.

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