Get Qualified Scheme Malta (2024 Update): How and Where to Apply

2 years ago
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What is the Get Qualified Scheme?

The Malta Get Qualified Scheme is a Maltese government initiative that allows students who complete a study programme to receive a refund on 70% of their tuition fees. In short, it gives you 70% back on your tuition fees on a recognised certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree.

Applying for the scheme can seem a bit intimidating and many students don’t know where to start. We’ve created this handy little guide with everything you need to get your 70% refund in Malta.


Who Is It For?

The scheme is applicable to individuals who complete a course of studies leading to a recognised certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. The scheme covers qualifications rated at MQF level 3 and above. Confused about MQF levels? Check out our handy explainer: MQF Levels: What Are They and What do They Mean?


Will the Get Qualified Scheme Continue in 2024?

Yes! Good news for students, the Get Qualified Scheme – initially set to end in December 2023, will continue. This update comes from the Budget 2024 announcement by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana on October 30, 2023. Details and the official legal notice are on the way and expected soon. Stay tuned for the latest information on the scheme’s extension.


When Do You Get 70% Back?

You’ll receive 70% back on your tuition fees after you graduate and successfully complete your course. The tuition fee costs are recovered in the form of tax-credits.


What Does it Cover?

  • Tuition fees paid to universities, institutions, or entities recognized by the Ministry for Education and Employment.
  • Fees for examinations required to achieve your qualification, as long as the course is approved.

How To Apply?

1) First, graduate! You have to complete your study programme before you can apply and benefit from the scheme.

It’s important to understand whether your programme awards a qualification which is recognised in Malta – check Malta’s Qualifications Database hereIf you can find the awarding body, it is very likely that you can benefit from the Get Qualified Scheme. As a rule of thumb: if the course is officially recognised in the UK or EU, then it’s probably recognised in Malta.

2) You then have to get the course onto the Get Qualified list. Some courses are already on the list, which you can view here.

If your course is already on the list: nice! You can click the link here to create an account, apply for the funding and get your refund!

Your course is not on the list? Don’t worry! Click the link here to get your course added to the list. In order to complete the form, you also have to present an MQRIC statement which you can get here against a small fee (between €10 – €50). You can also check out our post specifically about how to get your MQRIC statement here. Once you get it, go back to the previous step and get your refund!


Get Qualified Contact Number

For any queries about your application, you can call helpline 153 in Malta.


Can You Help?

Absolutely, when students book a course through Elephant & Cross, we guide them on best practices for the Get Qualified Scheme.

All our courses are fully internationally recognised and awarded by our trusted partners. We offer:

  • Foundation Diploma Courses (MQF Level 4)
  • Diploma Courses (MQF Level 5)
  • Bachelor’s Degrees (MQF Level 6)
  • Postgraduate Diplomas (MQF Level 7)
  • Master’s Degrees (MQF Level 7)
Check out all our courses here.

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