What Career Is Right for Me? A Guide to Choosing Your Career in Malta

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What Career Is Right for Me? Malta Career Guide

What Career Is Right for Me? A Guide to Choosing Your Career in Malta

Choosing the right career can be a daunting task, but with the right resources and guidance, you can find a path that suits your skills, interests, and goals. In Malta, a dynamic job market offers numerous opportunities across various sectors. This guide aims to help you navigate your career choices with a focus on the Maltese job market, educational opportunities, and resources available to support your journey. Whether you’re considering a career change or just starting, our comprehensive career quiz and advice from Elephant and Cross advisors can set you on the right path.


Understanding the Maltese Job Market

Malta’s job market is thriving, particularly in key industries such as tourism, gaming, and information technology (IT). Major employers like Betsson, GO, KPMG, EY, Bet365, BOV, HSBC, AX, and Apex Fund Services are constantly seeking skilled professionals. Current job trends emphasize skills such as data analysis, customer service, liaising and networking, administration, using digital tools for problem-solving, and supervising teams.

Steps to Choosing the Right Career

1. Self-Assessment:
– Identify Your Strengths and Interests: Reflect on your skills, values, and passions. Consider what activities you enjoy and excel at.
– Consider Your Values: Think about what is important to you in a job, such as work-life balance, job security, and the opportunity to make a difference.

2. Research Potential Careers:
– Explore Job Descriptions: Look into the responsibilities, required skills, and qualifications for various roles.
– Understand the Market Demand: Focus on careers that are in high demand in Malta’s key industries.

3. Educational Opportunities in Malta:
– Malta offers diverse educational programs to help you gain the necessary qualifications. Top institutions include the University of Malta, Online Business School, Arden University, University of Derby, University of Essex, and MCAST.
– Popular Courses: Consider programs like ACCA, Online Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Business Management, IT and Computing, Networking, Human Resources, and Foundation Diplomas in various fields.

Personality Types and Matching Careers

Understanding your personality type can significantly help in choosing a career that not only matches your skills but also keeps you engaged and satisfied. Here are some common personality types and examples of careers that align well with them, based on the popular courses offered in Malta. First take your personallity test here. Once you have the results use your results to look for the best aligned path to your personality. It’s important to know, not everyone fits in a mould, sometimes the right career for us might be unorthodox, or not quite what we would expect. 


The Analytical Thinker (INTJ, INTP): Personality Traits: Logical, strategic, enjoys problem-solving, and independent.

Matching Careers:
Data Analyst: Using analytical skills to interpret complex data sets. (Courses: Online Diploma in IT and Computing, Online Diploma in IT and Networking)
Financial Analyst: Analyzing financial data to help businesses make informed decisions. (Courses: ACCA, Online Diploma in Accounting and Finance)


The Natural Leader (ENTJ, ESTJ): Personality Traits: Organized, outgoing, assertive, and enjoys taking charge.

Matching Careers:
Business Manager: Overseeing operations, making strategic decisions, and leading teams. (Courses: Online Diploma in Business Management)
Human Resources Manager: Managing employee relations, recruitment, and training. (Courses: Online Diploma in Human Resources, Online Foundation Diploma in HR)


The Supportive Helper (ESFJ, ISFJ): Personality Traits: Caring, cooperative, detail-oriented, and enjoys helping others.

Matching Careers:
Customer Service Representative: Assisting customers, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction. (Courses: Online Diploma in Business Management, Online Foundation Diploma in Business)
Administrative Assistant: Supporting office operations, managing schedules, and maintaining records. (Courses: Online Diploma in Business Management, Online Foundation Diploma in Business)


The Creative Innovator (ENFP, INFP): Personality Traits: Creative, idealistic, passionate, and enjoys exploring new ideas.

Matching Careers:
Marketing Specialist: Developing creative marketing strategies and campaigns. (Courses: Online Diploma in Marketing)
IT Specialist: Designing and implementing innovative IT solutions. (Courses: Online Diploma in IT and Computing, Online Diploma in IT and Networking)


The Detail-Oriented Perfectionist (ISTJ, ESTJ): Personality Traits: Methodical, responsible, detail-oriented, and enjoys following established procedures.

Matching Careers:
Accountant: Managing financial records, ensuring accuracy, and compliance with regulations. (Courses: ACCA, Online Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Online Foundation Diploma in Accounting)
Project Manager: Planning, executing, and closing projects while ensuring they meet deadlines and budgets. (Courses: Online Diploma in Business Management)

Career Quizzes

Career quizzes can be a great starting point to help you identify potential career paths based on your personality and preferences. While international quizzes like those from Princeton Review and Truity are available, consider using our customized career quiz that aligns with Malta’s job market.Taking a career quiz can provide valuable insights into which career paths might suit you best. These quizzes assess your strengths, interests, and work style preferences to suggest suitable career options.

Here are a couple of international quizzes to try:
Princeton Review Career Quiz 
Truity Career Personality Profiler Test 

For a more tailored experience, try our custom career quiz designed with Malta’s job market in mind. Consider factors such as your interest in working with people, problem-solving skills, and preferred work environments.

Local Resources and Support

1. Career Counselling Services:
– Elephant and Cross collaborates with institutions worldwide to offer comprehensive career counseling. Our advisors have extensive recruitment experience locally and abroad, providing valuable insights into economic, educational, and training trends.

2. Job Fairs and Networking Events:
– Participate in events like the Malta Student Jobs Fair held in Valletta and check out  Malta Business Network Events for more opportunities.

3. Additional Local Resources:
Euroguidance Malta offers career guidance and information.
– Jobsplus Malta provides job listings and updates on events for job seekers.


Choosing the right career is a journey that involves self-assessment, research, and utilizing available resources. Malta’s vibrant job market and educational opportunities offer a solid foundation for your career exploration. Take advantage of career quizzes, counseling services, and job fairs to gain clarity and direction. Remember, the team at Elephant and Cross is here to help you every step of the way. Speak to an advisor today to start your journey towards a fulfilling career in Malta.

Ready to find your ideal career in Malta? Speak to an advisor today! Not sure about which courses are right for you? Read our blog here.  Did you know you can save 70% on your education fees in Malta? Read our blog to learn more here.  in Malta.

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