Vet Scholarship Scheme Malta: Easy Guide (2024 Application)

8 months ago
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Overview: Navigating the Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme

Aspiring to be at the forefront of veterinary medicine? The Maltese Government’s Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme supports students eager to dive into a veterinary course abroad, aiming for an MQF Level 7 certification (not sure what MQF levels mean? Check out our guide here). This initiative, funded through MGUS, opens the pathway for dedicated individuals to become fully-fledged Veterinary Surgeons. You can read the full regulations of the scholarship here.

Aims and Objectives: More Than Just a Scholarship

This comprehensive scholarship program is designed to offer students a robust financial support system throughout their five-year course, culminating in a degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognized institution. The goal? To equip Malta’s next generation of vets with world-class education and practical expertise.

What’s Included: The Full Package

Under the Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme, successful applicants receive extensive financial support, facilitating their sole focus on acquiring skills and knowledge in premier institutions worldwide, eventually contributing to Malta’s veterinary field.

Eligibility: Is This Scholarship for You?

This scheme is crafted for students committed to pursuing Veterinary Studies at an MQF Level 7, preparing them for registration as professional Veterinary Surgeons. The journey starts abroad at esteemed universities, and culminates with you bringing your valuable expertise back to Malta.

Eligibility for the Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme hinges on specific residency and citizenship criteria. Candidates must:

  • Hold Maltese citizenship and have lived in Malta for the previous five years. Exceptions are made for those residing abroad for study, health, work, or other Board-approved reasons during this period, not affecting their eligibility.
  • Be an EU/EEA national or their family member with established permanent residency in Malta, as per regulations in SL460.17 and SL217.04, having lived in the country for the last five years.
  • Be an EU/EEA citizen exercising Treaty rights in Malta as a worker, self-employed individual, or someone retaining such status, complying with SL460.17 and having a five-year residency track record.
  • Be a non-EU/EEA individual who, over the past five years, has settled in Malta and acquired long-term residence status, as outlined in SL217.05.
  • Hold a specific residence document issued under the terms of the Malta Residence Status Agreement, catering to UK nationals and their families post-Brexit.

How to Apply

When the scholarship applications go live, here’s your action plan:

Head straight to Malta’s Scholarship Portal.

  • Fill out the online application, double-checking all entries for accuracy.
  • Remember, you’ll need an active eID account. Alongside your application, prepare to upload the following:
  • A detailed CV, showcasing your journey and qualifications.
  • Your Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (if you have it by then).
  • If applicable, a copy of your residence permit and MQRIC evaluation report/receipt.
  • A motivational statement explaining why you’re the perfect fit.
  • An insightful 500-word abstract on how your studies will elevate Malta’s veterinary landscape.
  • Any progress report or academic transcript you’ve accumulated.
  • A compelling reference letter to solidify your application.

How Much?

The Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme offers aid of up to €14,000 annually for tuition fees, available for five academic years, aimed at supporting dedicated veterinary students.

2024 Dates

The 2024 application deadlines have not yet been released. For reference, in 2023 applications were open from 7th July 2023 till 4th August 2023.

Contact Information

Freephone: 153

Direct: (+356) 2598 2677


Email: [email protected]

Ready to take on the challenge? With the Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme, your dream of becoming a vet is closer than ever. Embrace the opportunity to make a significant impact on veterinary care in Malta.

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