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4 weeks ago
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If you have recently completed a course from an institution outside of Malta, you will likely need to present a ‘true copy’ of your final certificate to apply for the Get Qualified Scheme. This process ensures your educational qualifications are recognized and validated for Maltese requirements.

What is a True Copy of a Certificate?

A ‘true copy’ is a verified and signed replica of your original certificate, confirming its authenticity. This verification is crucial for applications to schemes like Get Qualified in Malta, ensuring the presented certificate is a legitimate copy of the original.

How to Obtain a True Copy of Your Certificate

The process to obtain a ‘true copy’ is straightforward. You need to have your certificate signed by a warranted individual. This can include a variety of professionals, such as:

• Notaries or lawyers

• Doctors, nurses, or midwives

• Pharmacists

• Chartered accountants or auditors

• Psychologists or psychiatrists

• Bankers

• Architects or engineers

• Social workers

Any of these professionals can verify and sign your certificate, making it a ‘true copy’ of the original.

Template for Certifying Your Certificate

To ensure the verification is complete, the following template should be used on the copy of your document, filled out by the warranted individual:

  • True Copy of Original Signed by:
  • Name & Surname:
  • Designation:
  • Warrant Number:
  • ID Card Number:

Submission Requirements

The ‘true copy’ of your certificate must be uploaded in PDF format when you submit your application for the Get Qualified Scheme. If you choose to certify your final certificate with an Advocate or a Notary, their ID Card number alone is sufficient.

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By following these steps, you can easily obtain a ‘true copy’ of your certificate, ensuring your qualifications are properly recognized for the Get Qualified Scheme in Malta. This guide aims to simplify the process, helping you take the next step in your educational and professional journey.