How to Study Business Management Online in Malta (2024 Guide)

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Boost Your Career with an Online Diploma in Management

Currently or interested in working in business, management, or a related field? While gaining work experience is crucial for career advancement, enhancing your qualifications can give you a significant edge. 

An online diploma in management can be your key to higher-paying roles and career opportunities. This guide will show you the best diploma for management at every level and explain how to progress in this dynamic field.

In addition, online programmes provide one-on-one sessions with certified tutors available on evenings and weekends. Plus, these programmes are accredited and serve as a pathway to further education in business.

What Skills Will You Gain from a Management Diploma?

The management diploma covers a wide range of essential skills for leaders:

  • Leadership and Strategic Thinking: Navigate business challenges and develop your leadership style.
  • Financial Management: Learn about accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting to maximise profitability.
  • Business Models and Growing Organisations: Understanding the different types of businesses, applying concepts, implementing strategies.
  • Risk Management: Understand and assess risk, develop tactics to mitigate impacts, calculate and present information to stakeholders.

What is the best diploma for Management? It depends on your level…

1.Online Foundation Diploma in Business Management (MQF Level 4):

Ideal For: Individuals without prior experience or qualifications relevant to business or management.

Programme Focus: Business foundations, operational skills, customer communication, and business finance.

Why Choose It: A foundational starting point for career switchers or entry-level professionals.

2.Online Diploma in Business Management (MQF Level 5):

Ideal For: Candidates with A-levels or relevant work experience.

Programme Focus: Advanced business strategy, business development, risk management, and leadership.

Why Choose It: Suits individuals aiming for analyst positions or similar roles or seeking to transition to the final year of a bachelor’s degree. Click here to read more about Top-Up programmes.

3. Online Postgraduate Diploma in Business Strategic Management (MQF Level 7)

Ideal For: Those with a bachelor’s degree or an MQF Level 5 diploma plus management experience.

Programme Focus: Strategic management, global business trends, leadership, and ethics.

Why Choose It: Tailored for senior management professionals or those seeking further education.

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

The duration of each programme is flexible, but most students complete their foundation studies within 10 months, while undergraduate and postgraduate students typically require 10 to 15 months all while working full-time.

What Is the Cost?

The online foundation diploma costs €220 per month for 11 months (€2420). The undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas have similar structures, with flexible payment plans at €220 per month for 15 months (€3300).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Benefits of Studying Management Online?

Studying online offers convenience and flexibility, allowing learners to balance work and study commitments. The programs are self-paced and offer one-on-one expert support.

2. Can I Pursue Further Education After Completing a Diploma?

Yes, each diploma leads directly to advanced education. For instance, the Level 5 diploma enables direct entry into the final year of a bachelor’s degree. While the level 7 diploma leads directly to an MBA programme.

3. How Do I Apply?

Check the course details on our website and submit your application online.


A management diploma can be the stepping stone to your next career opportunity. With the flexibility and depth of knowledge offered by these online programs, you can shape your management skills while continuing to gain valuable work experience. If you’re ready to take the next step, explore Elephant & Cross’s courses here and ignite your career potential today!

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