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About This Course

The MQF Level 5 Diploma in and Management is a robust and adaptable program, tailored to amplify your understanding of entrepreneurial strategies and management skills, within both the Maltese business ecosystem and globally. The course zeroes in on Leadership Principles, Business Management, Personal Growth, and the intricate relationship between theory and its practical application in diverse sectors.

Curated by Elephant & Cross course advisors with an intimate understanding of the Maltese business landscape, this diploma prepares you for multifaceted roles in the entrepreneurial and management domain. From business planning and innovation to navigating business environments and fostering entrepreneurship spirit, you'll be primed for a leadership role in Malta and internationally.

💡 Dive Deep

Venture into the heart of Entrepreneurship and Management. Immerse yourself in core management practices, from overseeing business operations to understanding the psychology of entrepreneurship. Acquire an essential comprehension of how management theories interlace with real-world scenarios, positioning you as a leader equipped to drive business transformations in Malta and beyond.

🌍 Hands-On

Transcend traditional learning methods. Our MQF Level 5 Diploma grants students a gateway into real entrepreneurial challenges, relatable case studies, and hands-on problem-solving techniques. Emphasizing tangible management skills, you'll be adept at confronting both local (in Malta) and international business quandaries effortlessly.

🚀 Business Acumen

Upon rounding off this diploma course, your prowess will span a wide range of business and entrepreneurial facets. Moreover, you'll possess a nuanced perception of how managerial theories and practices profoundly shape and influence business landscapes.

🇲🇹 Full Package

This diploma serves as a comprehensive toolkit for Maltese students keen on delving into entrepreneurship and management. It melds academic insights with real life skills and mentorship, marking it as the go-to for aspiring business leaders, those looking to progress onto further study (graduates can go straight into final year of a British University Bachelor's degree) or those envisaging a plunge into the entrepreneurial world.

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Are You Right For This Course?

  • You're looking for a course fine-tuned for the Maltese 🇲🇹 business landscape - one that has already guided over 63 local students to advanced roles and leadership positions in their companies.
  • You're excited about exploring the world of entrepreneurship and management and dream of a vibrant career in this field.
  • You're aiming for a course that offers a direct pathway to the final year of a British University Bachelor's Degree, saving you time as you further your studies.
  • You are an individual in Malta with a background in business, seeking to get a qualification that validates your experience officially.
  • You're looking to earn a MQF Level 5 Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management, a diploma recognised globally.
  • You're working full-time and need a diploma that fits into your busy schedule, letting you learn at a pace that suits you.
  • You have aspirations to take on more significant responsibilities in your organisation, targeting senior managerial roles and aiming for leadership positions.
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Get 70% back on your tuition fees with the Malta Enterprise Get Qualified scheme.

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Learning Style

Anytime, Anywhere Learning 🌐

Our 100% online program is tailor-made for busy professionals, allowing you to engage with your course wherever and whenever.

Your Pace, Your Schedule

We value the importance of work-life balance. With our adaptable course structure, you can harmonize your learning with both personal and professional commitments.

Dedicated 1-to-1 Tutor Support 👩‍🏫

Collaboration lies at the heart of our teaching ethos. Access expert guidance, tap into your tutor's extensive knowledge, and get the most out of your educational journey, all without any extra costs.

Your Learning Tools 🛠

It's not just about the 1:1 tutor. We’ve curated an environment rich with extended student support, a bustling student community hub, and meticulously detailed study notes. It's a 360° learning experience.

Hassle-Free Assessments 📝

Take control of your assessment timelines. With our flexible submission policy, you decide when you're ready. And the best part? 🚫 Zero exams, ensuring an enjoyable and applied learning experience.

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Get Qualified Scheme

Get 70% back on your tuition fees in Malta following graduation with the Get Qualified scheme.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the MQF level 5 diploma, students in Malta should be:

  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Have an MQF Level 4 Qualification or professional managerial experience.

If you do not currently meet the entry requirements:

Our course advisors are here to guide you personally about entry requirements and induction at no extra charge.

Career Prospects

Propel Your Management Career in Malta 🚀

Prepare for an invigorating career in Malta with this MQF level 5 diploma. By completing the course, you'll be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, empowering you to take up pivotal roles within the field.

Graduates have gone on to follow careers as:

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Business Consultants;
  • Corporate Recruiters;
  • Management Analysts;
  • Market Research Analysts;
  • New Venture Developers.

📈 Progress to a full University Bachelor's Degree with Only One Extra Year

The Diploma is accredited at MQF level 5. Transfer your diploma credits and enter directly into final year of a University bachelor's degree.

Examples of progression/pathway Universities with online top-up programmes include: University of Derby (UoD), University of Lincoln (UoL), University of Portsmouth (UoP) and the University of Sunderland.

Qualification Details

🎉Qualify with your Diploma in Entrepreneurship (EQF 5)

🎉Graduate with your Diploma in Business and Management (EQF 5)

  1. Qualify with a British Level 4 (MQF or EQF level 5) Diploma in Entrepreneurship. For more information on the qualification, see the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications here.
  2. Graduate with a British Level 5 (MQF or EQF level 5) Diploma in Business Management. For more information on the qualification, see the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications here.

The diploma is globally recognised.

Managing Business Operations
Business Environment
Personal Effectiveness
The Entrepreneurial Manager
Business Planning and Goal Setting
The Manager’s Toolkit
Managing and Using Finance
Managing and Using Marketing
Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Creativity
Business Organisations in a Global Context
Research Project
People Management
Finance for Managers

43% Increase* in Earnings on Average

Individuals with a Level 4 qualification or higher can expect an average of 43% higher earnings compared to those with secondary school education alone.* * Data is based on Eurostat (EU, 2020) study

80% of Graduates Report Career Advancement

Fast-Track Your Career: According to our alumni feedback, 80% of graduates report significant career advancement within two years of completing the course. Boost your career prospects and get empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to accelerate your career.

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