Malta Salary Guide: Understanding your Career

9 months ago
Malta Salary Guide

Amidst the thriving job market in Malta, characterized by booming sectors such as gaming and finance, understanding potential career paths and their corresponding salaries becomes essential for job seekers and professionals aiming to advance their careers. This comprehensive guide outlines the salary expectations in Malta for various roles, emphasizing the impact of education and experience on potential earnings.

With the dynamic Maltese job landscape in mind, here’s what you salaries you can expect in 2023:


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Business Management

Business managers in Malta are pivotal in steering companies through new challenges, tapping into emerging sectors like e-commerce, gaming, and finance. They harness strategic leadership and market analysis to drive business success across various industries.

Starting Salary: Expect between €22,000 to €25,000 annually as a fresh graduate.

Salary with Experience: Salaries range from €28,000 to €37,000, potentially exceeding €45,000 in sectors like gaming or finance.

Relevant Course for Career AdvancementDiploma in Business Management (MQF level 5).


Human Resources

HR professionals in Malta are the linchpins in creating harmonious, productive workplaces. They navigate the complexities of employee relations, recruitment strategies, and organizational culture, ensuring a cohesive work environment across startups and established firms alike.

Starting Salary: Entry positions typically offer between €22,000 to €24,000 annually.

Salary with Experience: Experienced professionals can anticipate €35,000 to €42,000, varying with industry dynamics.

Relevant Course for Career AdvancementDiploma in Human Resources (MQF level 5).


IT & Computing

In the digital age, IT experts in Malta stand at the forefront of innovation. From developing cutting-edge software to fortifying cybersecurity, these professionals are integral to keeping businesses technologically advanced and secure in sectors such as gaming and finance.

Starting Salary: Initial earnings are around €23,000 to €28,000 annually.

Salary with Experience: Ranges from €38,000 to €45,000, with specialties like cybersecurity commanding upwards of €50,000.

Relevant Course for Career AdvancementDiploma in IT & Computing (MQF level 5).


Accounting and Finance

Accountants and finance experts in Malta are the guardians of fiscal health, guiding businesses through the nuances of financial accounting, investments, and regulatory compliance. Their expertise is fundamental to strategic decision-making and long-term financial planning.

Starting Salary: Beginners can expect between €21,000 to €25,000 annually.

Salary with Experience: Fully qualified accountants with ACCA credentials can earn between €29,000 to €40,000, depending on their role and expertise.

Relevant Course for Career AdvancementDiploma in Accounting and Finance (MQF level 5)ACCA


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