Career Opportunities with a Diploma in HR in Malta

2 years ago
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A diploma in HR management in Malta can provide a range of career opportunities in the field of human resources. HR professionals are responsible for managing and coordinating personnel functions within organizations, including recruiting, training and development, and employee relations.

With a diploma in human resources, you can pursue HR roles in Malta, such as:


1) HR assistant

As an HR assistant, you will provide support to the HR department with various administrative tasks. This might include scheduling interviews, maintaining employee records, processing payroll, and answering employee questions. As an HR coordinator, you will have a broader scope of responsibility and will be responsible for coordinating HR activities within the organisation. This could include developing and implementing HR policies, coordinating employee training and development, and managing employee benefits.

Average Salary: €29,000 per year

2) HR generalist

An HR generalist is a more experienced HR professional who is responsible for a wide range of HR functions within an organisation. This can include tasks such as recruiting, training, and developing employees, managing employee relations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Average Salary: €37,000 per year

3) HR specialist

An HR specialist is a professional who has expertise in a specific area of HR, such as benefits, compensation, or labor relations. An HR specialist may provide advice and guidance to an organization on these specific topics, and may also be responsible for implementing related programs and policies.

Average Salary: €27,000 per year

4) Recruitment consultant

A recruitment consultant is responsible for helping organisations find and hire qualified candidates for open positions. This may include tasks such as sourcing and interviewing candidates, negotiating job offers, and helping new hires transition into their roles.

Average Salary: €25,000 per year


Overall, a diploma in HR can provide the education and skills needed to launch a successful career in human resources. With the right education and experience, you can find a wide range of rewarding and fulfilling HR career opportunities.

Progression in HR


A foundation diploma in People and Organisations is a starting point for a career in the field of human resources. It provides a basic introduction to HR principles and practices, and creates the foundations for further study.

After completing a foundation diploma in HR, students can choose to continue their education by pursuing a Diploma in Human Resource Management. This can provide a deeper understanding of HR concepts and theories, as well as more advanced skills and knowledge in specialised areas of HR. Following graduation from the Level 5 Diploma, students can proceed onto final year of a University Bachelor’s degree.


A Postgraduate Diploma in HR can provide some of the highest level of education and training in the field. Completing a postgraduate diploma in HR can lead to a wide range of career opportunities, including HR consultant, HR trainer, or HR specialist. It can also provide a strong foundation for pursuing leadership roles in HR, such as HR manager or HR director. Following graduation, students can also graduate with a University Master’s degree following submission of a thesis.

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