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Course Overview

ACCA is the most recognised professional accounting qualification worldwide. Becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant allows you to work anywhere in the world and stand out to the best employers.

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Part Time

Learning Style

Remote • Face To Face

For an accountancy professional looking to to take their career to the next level, becoming ACCA qualified is right step.


When you complete the qualification you become an ACCA member and Chartered Accountant. ACCA is a Level 7 Qualification.

Path to Becoming ACCA Qualified

In order to become a Chartered Accountant, you must:

  • Complete the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills papers (F1 to F9).
  • Complete the two essential Strategic Professional Papers (SBL & SBR) and pick another two from the options list.
  • Complete three years of relevant professional work experience. Note: you may gain work experience as you study for your ACCA. Many employers are keen to hire professionals undergoing their ACCA journey.

Applied Knowledge Papers

  1. Business & Technology (BT) (F1)
  2. Management Accounting (MA) (F2)
  3. Financial Accounting (FA) (F3)

Applied Skills Papers

  1. Corporate & Business Law (LW) (F4)
  2. Performance Management (PM) (F5)
  3. Taxation (TX) (F6)
  4. Financial Reporting (FR) (F7)
  5. Audit & Assurance (AA) (F8)
  6. Financial Management (FM) (F9)

Strategic Professional Papers


  1. Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  2. Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Options (Pick 2)

  1. Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  2. Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  3. Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  4. Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Learning Style

Elephant & Cross offers ACCA training both face-to-face and remotely.

Our remote course is delivered by our ACCA Gold Approved partner and is renowned for high pass rate.

  • The course has online evening sessions - designed for working professionals.
  • All live sessions are also recorded, allowing you to go back and re-watch lectures in your own time.
  • Students are provided with a detailed breakdown of what's required to successfully pass each module.
  • Students have access to a dedicated tutor to support them throughout their studies.
  • There are dedicated revision sessions where students can work out past-papers with their tutor.

Course Details

Find out what you need to join the course, how it works and how it can take your career to the next level.

  • Entry Requirements

    In order to start your ACCA journey, you must hold either:

    A-Level Qualifications


    Diploma-Level Qualification.

    Don't worry if you do not reach these requirements. Elephant & Cross offers a Diploma programme in Accounting & Finance designed as an entry into ACCA.

    Get in touch and we'll help find the solution for you.

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