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🏆 ACCA is the most recognised professional accounting qualification worldwide. Becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant allows you to work anywhere in the world and stand out to the best employers.

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What is ACCA?

Navigating the world of finance, especially in a thriving economy like Malta, often brings one to the doorstep of ACCA. But what exactly is ACCA, and how does it shape the landscape of accountancy in Malta?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, is a globally acknowledged body that bestows the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. Founded in 1904, ACCA is synonymous with professional excellence in over 180 countries, including Malta. Boasting over 500,000 students and 219,000 members, ACCA has been a catalyst for fostering career opportunities and growth in accountancy.

Why Study ACCA in Malta

In Malta, ACCA is recognized for its structured approach towards creating proficient accountants. The qualification is meticulously designed, encompassing 13 exams, an ethics module, and practical experience. This flexibility and diverse subject choice make ACCA a preferred choice for aspiring accountants in Malta.

ACCA Benefits

Global and Local Recognition: For an accountancy professional looking to to take their career to the next level, becoming ACCA qualified is right step. ACCA is not only respected worldwide but also holds significant weight in Malta's financial sector.

  • Flexibility: ACCA's progressive approach allows Maltese students to balance work and studies seamlessly. ACCA can be studied part-time whilst working.
  • It's easy to gain work experience as you study for your ACCA. Many employers are keen to hire professionals undergoing their ACCA journey.
  • Holistic Curriculum: ACCA's syllabus is tailored to equip professionals with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, aligning with Malta's dynamic business environment.
  • Networking in Malta: Being an ACCA member opens avenues for networking within the professional community in Malta.
  • Competitive starting salary: ACCA graduates in Malta can expect to earn between €27,000 to €32,000 per year after finishing the programme, depending on experience. With experience, your salary in Malta as a chartered accountant can rise above €40,000+.

When you complete the qualification you become an ACCA member and Chartered Accountant. ACCA is a Level 7 Qualification.

Once you have completed modules in ACCA and are part-qualified, the master’s in finance and accounting is available with up to six possible exemptions. This gives you a fast-track route to a Master of Science qualification, and with considerably reduced tuition fees.

Path to Becoming ACCA Qualified

In order to become a Chartered Accountant, you must:

  • Complete the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills papers (F1 to F9).
  • Complete the two essential Strategic Professional Papers (SBL & SBR) and pick another two from the options list.
  • Complete three years of relevant professional work experience.

ACCA Price (Malta)

With Elephant & Cross, you can study ACCA in the most affordable way - fully online and with world class tutors.

How much does ACCA cost in Malta with Elephant & Cross?

Price for tuition, per module, including all notes, HD recorded video lectures, case studies, e-books and full exam preparation.

Applied Knowledge Papers

  1. Business & Technology (BT) (F1) - €250
  2. Management Accounting (MA) (F2) - €290
  3. Financial Accounting (FA) (F3) - €335

Applied Skills Papers

  1. Corporate & Business Law (LW) (F4) - €360
  2. Performance Management (PM) (F5) - €360
  3. Taxation (TX) (F6) - €360
  4. Financial Reporting (FR) (F7) - €360
  5. Audit & Assurance (AA) (F8) - €360
  6. Financial Management (FM) (F9) - €360

Strategic Professional Papers


  1. Strategic Business Leader (SBL) - €380
  2. Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) - €380

Options (Pick 2)

  1. Advanced Financial Management (AFM) - €380
  2. Advanced Performance Management (APM) - €380
  3. Advanced Taxation (ATX) - €380
  4. Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) - €380

How to Study ACCA in Malta

Get in touch with us to start your ACCA journey!

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Are You Right For This Course?

  • Seeking Accounting Opportunities: If you're looking for an opportunity to dive into the world of accounting and carve a niche for yourself, ACCA can be your stepping stone.
  • Eager to Elevate Your Career: If you're keen to fast-track your career and stand out in the job market, ACCA’s prestigious qualification can give you that competitive edge.
  • You Need Flexibility in Learning: If you desire a study plan that molds itself around your life and commitments, ACCA’s flexible course structure is designed for you.
  • Dreaming of Global Possibilities: If you envision a career that takes you across borders, ACCA's international recognition can make that dream a reality.
  • Aiming for a Salary Boost: If you're aspiring to enhance your financial status, ACCA members are often sought after for their expertise, leading to rewarding remunerations.
  • Desire to Upskill: If you're passionate about constantly upgrading your skills and staying relevant in the fast-evolving finance sector, ACCA aligns perfectly with your goals.
  • Valuing Connections: If building a network with fellow finance professionals is important to you, ACCA offers a community where you can collaborate and grow.
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Learning Style

This remote course is delivered by our ACCA Gold Approved partner and is renowned for high pass rate.

💻 The course has online evening sessions - designed for working professionals.

👩‍🏫 Students have access to a dedicated tutor to support them throughout their studies.

🧭 There are dedicated revision sessions where students can work out past-papers with their tutor.

📷 All live sessions are also recorded, allowing you to go back and re-watch lectures in your own time.

📖 Students are provided with a detailed breakdown of what's required to successfully pass each module.

Entry Requirements

In order to start your ACCA journey, you must hold either:

A-Level Qualifications


Diploma-Level Qualification.

Don't worry if you do not reach these requirements. Elephant & Cross offers a Diploma programme in Accounting & Finance designed as an entry into ACCA.

Get in touch and we'll help find the solution for you.

Career Prospects

Open New Doors

By becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant you will be qualified to take on a great number of interesting roles, anywhere in the world. Also note: many employers are keen to hire professionals undergoing their ACCA journey even before they become fully qualified CCAs.

ACCA students have gone on to become:

  • Management Accountants;
  • Financial Accountants;
  • Corporate Treasurers;
  • Financial Controllers;
  • Finance Managers;
  • Fund Accountants;
  • Finance Directors;
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFO);
  • Forensic Accountants;
  • Chief Financial Officers;
  • Auditors;
  • Tax Specialists.

📈 Once you have completed modules in ACCA and are part-qualified, the master’s in finance and accounting is available with up to six possible exemptions. This gives you a fast-track route to a Master of Science qualification, and with considerably reduced tuition fees.

Qualification Details

ACCA is an MQF Level 7 Qualification.

43% Increase* in Earnings on Average

Individuals with a Level 4 qualification or higher can expect an average of 43% higher earnings compared to those with secondary school education alone.* * Data is based on Eurostat (EU, 2020) study

80% of Graduates Report Career Advancement

Fast-Track Your Career: According to our alumni feedback, 80% of graduates report significant career advancement within two years of completing the course. Boost your career prospects and get empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to accelerate your career.

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