Master of Arts in Information Technology Management (MA)

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Course Overview

Course Level


Course Duration

12 Months (full-time), 18 Months (part-time i) or 24 Months (part-time ii)


Full Time or Part Time

Learning Style


Lead the information technology teams of the future – combine technical knowledge with practical management skills, and become an in-demand digital management professional!

During your studies, you will acquire key expertise. For example in:

  • Strategic Management;
  • Networks and Distributed Systems;
  • IT Project Management;
  • International IT Law.


 In this programme, you'll select two specialisations.

  • Applied Cyber Security and Data Protection: This specialisation was designed with your future career in mind. Its aim is to give a holistic understanding of how to manage information technology with security and data protection in mind.
  • Cloud Computing: Get an introduction to the elements that allow AI technology, along with others, to make such significant progress.
  • BlockChain and Quantum Computing: In this module, you’ll cover the foundations of this technology and its potential uses, such as Bitcoin. You’ll gain real world familiarity with important professional aspects, advantages and difficulties that relate to working with Blockchain.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): You'll analyse the differences between “narrow AI” tools, designed for specific case uses, and general AI systems. You’ll gain insights into the wide range of potential uses for AI technology: mobility, medicine, finances, industrial production and autonomous vehicles.
  • Cyber Criminality: Stand at the forefront of cyber protection, and learn about the complex world of digital crimes. You’ll learn how criminals use certain elements of software and hardware to penetrate sensitive information, and how modern police forces and cyber security try to prevent such cases.

Career Prospects

As a specialist, you’ll be able to take on challenging tasks in both the private and public sectors.

  • IT Manager
  • IT Security Manager
  • IT Project Manager

Learning Style

This programme is available with a full-time (12 months) or part-time (18 or 24 months) commitment. This programme is taught remotely.

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Course Details

Find out what you need to join the course, how it works and how it can take your career to the next level.

  • Entry Requirements

    An Undergraduate Degree in a related field.

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