Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship (BA)

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Course Overview

Course Level


Course Duration

36 Months (full-time), 48 Months (part-time i) and 72 Months (part-time ii)


Part Time or Full Time

Learning Style


Harness your existing passion for innovation and challenges, and work on building it into a recipe for success. Whether you’re planning on starting your own start-up, or are looking to consult others on the best ways to move their businesses forward, you’ll hone your practical skills in this challenging and exciting BA programme. 

You’ll start working on innovative business projects right from the first semester, to give you all of the practical skills you need for success as a future business leader. 

During your studies, you will acquire key expertise. For example in:

  • International Marketing;
  • Start-up Financing;
  • Accounting and Balancing;
  • Managerial Economics;
  • Management Accounting;
  • Personnel Psychology;
  • Market Research;
  • International Brand Management.

Specialisation Options in Semester 5 & 6:

In Semester 5 and 6, you'll select three specialisations.

  • Digital Entrepreneurship - Cover everything you need to know about digital business, and explore the history of the field and the main business models in digital entrepreneurship. Discover how digitalisation helps push forward new business models, and how it’s used to build sophisticated and flexible business plans. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your own digital business plan as a class project. 
  • Social Entrepreneurship - Learn first-hand about the vital role of entrepreneurs in social struggles around the world, be it as NGO (non-government organistaion) founders or simply socially responsible and community supportive business leaders.
  • Organisational Development - You’ll discuss how organisational developments are designed and carried out, what needs to be taken into consideration and what are the best ways to communicate changes to staff and stakeholders. By the end of this specialisation, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to become an influential change manager. 
  • Innovative Technologies and Sustainability - Familiarise yourself with the concept of circular economy, where the goal is to use less resources and energy, and produce less waste, than traditional linear economy production lines.What are possible action plans for businesses looking to be more sustainable? How can technology assist? And how does sustainability effect a business’ relationship with its customers? Find out the answers to all of these questions in this unique specialisation.
  • User Testing and Prototyping - Review how user focused product design works. Start by learning the theoretical foundations of user testing and performance measurement, analyse statistical reports, and explore the opportunities offered by UX prototyping. By the end of module, you’ll be familiar with different prototyping techniques, and will know what to look for when measuring user response. 

Career Prospects

With a Bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to choose from, and many different avenues of starting your professional career.

  • Founder/CEO
  • Innovation Manager

Learning Style

This programme is available with a full-time (36 month) or part-time (48 or 72 month) commitment. This programme is taught remotely.

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Course Details

Find out what you need to join the course, how it works and how it can take your career to the next level.

  • Entry Requirements

    A Levels / General Secondary School Diploma.

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