Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BA)

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36 Months (full-time), 48 Months (part-time i) and 72 Months (part-time ii)


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Megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation, and cultural and social change have a lasting impact on companies. These changes require experts with great business administration expertise who understand how general business and companies work.

You'll acquire fundamental knowledge in the management and finance-oriented business administration courses. Afterwards, you can pick the electives of your choice that suit your interests. Your comprehensive knowledge will open up new job opportunities in many industries and companies around the world – so there’s nothing standing in the way of your international career. 

During your studies, you will acquire key expertise. For example in:

  • Managerial Economics;
  • Organisational Behavior;
  • Management Accounting;
  • International HR Management;
  • Innovation
  • International Accounting;
  • Corporate Finance and Investment.

Specialisation Options in Semester 5 & 6:

In Semester 5 and 6, you'll select three specialisations.

  • Big Data - Develop your understanding of data science and data management, and the central concepts and challenges in this fascinating field of study. By the end of this specialisation, you’ll have a clear understanding of how businesses should handle themselves when it comes to data processing, from different ethical, social, political and financial standpoints.
  • Data Science - With this specialisation, you’ll get a clear understanding of how data is collected and used by businesses.
  • I.T Governance and Service Management - Build your IT services management skills, and be prepared to tackle the challenges of any IT system. You’ll get to know how IT managers comply with corporate laws, IT management best practices and how to develop and maintain an efficient IT infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing Methods and Internet of Things - In this specialisation, you’ll familiarise yourself with the future of manufacturing technology. Cover the basic principles of Industry 4.0, and how they are incorporated in traditional production lines. Review the new work and development processes that are required when this new technology is implemented, and the new possibilities it opens for businesses: rapid prototyping and tooling methods, direct manufacturing and scaling. 
  • Corporate Finance and Investment - In an increasingly international business world, financial instruments and market valuations are becoming more complex, with a large number of variables affecting one another. In this specialisation, you’ll be given tools for understanding the modern financial world, the economic theory behind it, and the ways in which companies interact with it. 
  • Sales Management - In this specialisation, you’ll learn how to design and implement successful sales management strategies, along with different business operations models, and build your skills as a customer-oriented business leader and entrepreneur.
  • Sales, Pricing and Brand Management - Learn how to optimise levers of customer interface. This includes advanced methods of market- and customer segmentation, channel management - including the design, setup and optimization of a customer oriented sales organization (e.g. key account management), practices for Salesforce effectiveness, sales optimisation levers, e.g. for customer penetration, and methods for price-differentiation and -realisation.

Career Prospects

After completing your Bachelor studies in Business Administration, you’ll be ready to take on specialist and leadership positions in companies worldwide.

  • Business Manager
  • Business Developer

Learning Style

This programme is available with a full-time (36 month) or part-time (48 or 72 month) commitment. This programme is taught remotely.

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Course Details

Find out what you need to join the course, how it works and how it can take your career to the next level.

  • Entry Requirements

    A Levels / General Secondary School Diploma.

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