Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSc)

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Course Overview

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Course Duration

12 Months (full-time), 18 Months (part-time i) or 24 Months (part-time ii)


Part Time or Full Time

Learning Style


There is a tremendous and unprecedented demand for security experts who are able to identify and provide protection against cyber-attacks. With a Master in Cyber Security, you will acquire all the skills you need to protect data and ensure top security measures for systems used by companies worldwide. You’ll become a specialist in securing infrastructures against attacks, risks or malware using statistical and digital forensic methods.

Career Prospects

After completing your Master programme in Cyber Security, you will be a highly sought-after expert who is best qualified for responding efficiently to cyber incidents as well as for forensic methods of identification and defence.

  • IT Security Architect
  • Security Manager
  • Cyber Forensics Analyst

Learning Style

This programme is available with a full-time (12 months) or part-time (18 or 24 months) commitment. This programme is taught remotely.

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Course Details

Find out what you need to join the course, how it works and how it can take your career to the next level.

  • Entry Requirements

    Course requirements for an MSc in Cyber Security typically include:

    An Undergraduate Degree in a related field.

    Relevant work experience and related certifications may also help.

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